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Buying A Business

As an entrepreneur, you must be tempted to start a business from scratch. Well, that might be very fruitful for some. However, did you know that around 90% of businesses fail just in their first few years? Whatever the reasons for this failure, one thing is for sure, it requires immense strategy building and hard work to get a new business kicked off. The same is true for a residential or commercial landscaping business.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start your own landscaping business. It could be that your company might start off well and reach unimaginable heights. Considering everything, however, instead of investing in a new business, you can buy an already existing business.

Buying a residential landscaping business

The benefit of buying an existing landscaping business is that it already has a viable customer base, an online/offline reputation, and asset base that could assist in the overall process of landscaping.

The residential landscaping business that you buy might be a small-scale business, or it could have flourished to other cities. But no matter how flourished the business is, your business model would solely be based on the B2C (business to customer) approach.

Buying a commercial landscaping business

There are several different ways to structure a deal when it comes to buying commercial landscaping business. However, since this type of business is on a large scale, you have to keep in mind the large amount of money that will have to be paid by you.

Also, you should know that the commercial landscaping businesses that are already established require little investment to ensure their smooth running. They can be easily scaled to a new service since they have a certain amount of client loyalty.

Following the B2B route requires a different marketing strategy and you should be aware of the repercussion of the economic imbalance on it.  However, Arizona’s growth and hot summers continue to create a large demand for both residential and commercial landscaping services.

How can we help in your selection?

Selecting between the types of the businesses, or their commerciality is solely based on your needs. However, if you cannot work out what you need and how can you put that need to find the right landscaping business for you, then we are here to help you.

Our expertise has led to the sale and purchase of dozens of landscaping businesses. We leverage your needs, resources, and the value of the business you’re thinking of buying. From the start to the end, we can assist you with deal structure, financing, and other obstacles that arise.