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Phoenix Business Broker,Scottsdale Business Broker,Sell My Route

Landscaping business is in full bloom these days. According to VauleAdder, there are around 93,680 businesses relating to this niche in the U.S. Well, this number might be just a just a conservative estimate, the real number could well exceed it. But no matter what the number of the total businesses, the possibility is that you could be one of these lucky owners.

Landscaping business is viable. There are many lucrative opportunities you can avail by having it. let us have a look at its key benefits.

1) This business is customizable
You can have your way with it. It doesn’t require you to stick to only one type of business. If you are—for example—interested in running a residential landscaping business, you can. All you’d have to do is stick to the B2C model. However, when the same business reaches a certain value where you think you can expand it further, you can easily shift your gears towards running a commercial landscaping business that runs on the B2B model. The choice is solely yours.

2) It requires entry-level employees
Since we don’t make nuclear bombs in the landscaping business, you wouldn’t require scientists for it. The perk of this business is that you’d only require entry-level workforce. The investment can come in training them to learn the bits.

3) It is a consistent business
You aren’t going to sell products but give a service that is here to stay possibly forever. Your customer base wouldn’t run out. What do you need more?

Alright, so these were the key benefits.

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However, since every business has some repercussions, so does landscaping. There are risks that you can run into if you don’t have a proper knowledge of buying or selling a business. Business brokers like us can help you in this regard.

Landscaping business brokers

If you are in the business for long, you’d have to look for a qualified buyer if you’re intending to sell your business. Similarly, if you are an aspirant of this business, you’d have a hard time looking for a suitable business to buy, not to mention the legal hassle. The latter can be a problem for both selling and buying.

However, what really tires a person is the negotiating phase, where one has to evaluate the worth of a business.

This is where we—experienced business brokers—come in to assist.

We have ample experience in leveraging your resources, requirements, future prospect, and the feasibility of the company for you which you’re buying or selling. We first evaluate your interest, then evaluate the market, and finally help you secure a viable deal.

How to value a landscaping business?

There are many ways that we employ in evaluating a business for sale or purchase.

1) Through valuation multiples: multiples of net sales, profit, income, EBIT/EBITDA, assets, equity are used to evaluate your business value.

2) Treasury method

3) Multiple of Discretionary Earnings, and so on.

Landscaping business is in its nature a very lucrative one. However, strict care should be exercised in buying or selling a business relating this niche. As there are many risks that you can run into, you should rely on our expertise of evaluating a business and filtering out the obstacles that may occure while selling or buying a landscaping business. Having Strategic Business Brokers Group involved is a win-win situation.

Contact us today to learn how we can put our years of proven experience to work for you!

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